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Why Vibrant ?

Vibrant Securities is a leading Mumbai based financial services company based in Mumbai with proven expertise and offering services in Stock Broking, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Securities Lending & Borrowing (SLB), Corporate Fixed Deposits, Stock Market Training and advisory services to corporate, high net worth individuals and retail clients.

At Vibrant, we have been educating traders as well as investors and are pioneers in providing cost effective products and tools required by them for analyzing markets and generating profits. A journey which started 25 years ago has transformed into a vision to democratize wealth creation for every household of India by harnessing the power of financial markets using our expertise and thus ensuring that the future of each of our fellow Indians is indeed “Vibrant”.

At Vibrant, our innovative approach, meticulous Research and advice, richness of variety of investment products, fast and secure technology and robust Risk Management System have helped our clients to achieve their investment objectives. We at Vibrant understand that the key to a successful relationship is to understand the client needs and suggest them investment products which will enable them to achieve their financial goals.

We are on the path of steady growth by adapting ourselves to the changing business environment by focusing on our core domain of financial services products.

Vibrant Securities Pvt Limited provides a range of financial services including

  • Equity: BSE & NSE.
  • Derivatives
  • AMFI Registered Mutual Funds Distribution
  • Third Party Insurance products.
  • SLB
  • Corporate Fixed Deposits
  • Bonds
  • NCD’s
  • Customized Research & Advisory Services through our Fundamental Research Desk.

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